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How does the Vaccine Validation Service work?

The Vaccine Validation Service is an add-on that ReturnSafe customers can utilize to have ReturnSafe validate their users vaccine data entry

How does it work?

  • Each time a user uploads a vaccine card, the vaccine data entered by the user will be manually reviewed by a ReturnSafe validator to confirm that the data on the uploaded image matches the data entered by the user.
  • Data entered by the user (i.e. name, vaccine type, vaccine dates) will be visually compared to the data on the uploaded Vaccine Card.  
  • This review will occur any time a user submits a vaccine card photo, or updates any of their vaccine data after the vaccine card was initially submitted.
  • If the data entered by the user is confirmed to match the data on the uploaded card, the user’s “Validation” status on the “Vaccine Tracking” report will be set to either "Partially Vaccinated" or “Fully Vaccinated”.

What if a vaccine card is rejected?

  • If the data entered by the user is determined not to match the data on the uploaded card, or if the uploaded card is unreadable, the “Validation” status will be set to "Rejected - Bad Photo" or "Rejected - Bad Data".
  • The ReturnSafe Validator will not contact the users directly. They will instead send a list each day to the designated admins email from your organization to review all vaccine cards with a rejected status. The list sent will include the name, email, and the reason it was rejected (i.e. Bad Photo, if the photo isn't legible, or Bad Data, if the data doesn't match the photo).
Below are the most common reasons for a rejected status...

Photo User submits a blurry photo or non-vaccine record
Date User inputs wrong date for final vaccine dose
Incomplete User submits information with missing dates or needs to submit both sides of card
Missing data User uploads via an app and the record is not showing enough specifics to validate
Missing Name User name is missing from the card itself
Name User name does not match name on vaccine record
Card Users CDC card has an unusual appearance
In the case of the last two items above, where a judgement call is required, it is up to your admins whether to accept the data as submitted or to reach out to the employee to request that they submit a new card/data.  If you choose to accept the submission as is, simply update the Verification status of those users in the Vaccine Tracking report to "Fully Vaccinated"