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ReturnSafe Overview for Employees

A brief summary of Employee app features

What is ReturnSafe?

We are pleased to announce that we have chosen ReturnSafe as our partner to keep you, your colleagues, and our visitors safe as we get through the Covid-19 pandemic together.  The ReturnSafe app is a user-friendly and efficient alternative to paper screening surveys and provides Bluetooth proximity tracking and logbook functionality for contact tracing in the event someone tests positive.  This will allow us to prevent and quickly contain outbreaks to keep our community safe and maintain business continuity.  

How to use ReturnSafe

The first time you sign into the ReturnSafe app there is an onboarding process.  You will be taken through a series of screens explaining the app and requesting app permissions.  

As shown below, the welcome flow includes the login screen and a brief description of the app and the daily workplace recommendations. 


App permissions are necessary to activate Bluetooth, Location Services, and Notifications.  

  • Location services are used to create a geofence around the building or campus to track contact with others only while at specified locations.  It will turn-off tracking once you leave the geofence. 
  • Bluetooth is used for tracking physical contact with others while at work.  It works in the background to track your connections within 6 feet to enable contact tracing should a coworker show symptoms or test positive.  As a gentle reminder to maintain physical distance, you will also receive an alert when you have contact with a coworker within 6 feet for longer than a minute.  iPhone users: Please open your app each time you are in close proximity to others to ensure Bluetooth tracing is active - iPhones tend to automatically close apps using Bluetooth in the background after a certain period of time.
  • Notifications will be used to send you reminders and other communications.

Screening survey

Prior to coming to the office, every employee and visitor is required to complete the Daily Check-in to receive the latest recommendations based upon your survey response.  The survey should take less than 1 minute to complete.  Upon completion of the survey, you will receive guidance on whether to come into the office or stay home.  

In the event that you have been tested positive, there will be a few more questions to complete and you will be asked to stay home, isolate, and consult your doctor for further care.  

Note: your survey responses are confidential and only accessible to designated administrators.  Employees managers may receive a notification if they screen out for the day, but this will not include responses to individual questions.



In addition to using Bluetooth tracking, the app provides a manual LogBook for you to add contacts.   You may need to manually add contacts if you left your phone at your desk or didn’t bring it with you to a meeting.   It allows you to choose from a list of other employees or add a new contact.  

Contact Tracing

When an employee or visitor has tested positive for COVID-19, the Human Resources Team will be notified.  This begins with the contact tracing process.  Because the app has been tracking contact via Bluetooth, the HR team will immediately get the list of people potentially exposed and will reach out to each individual to recommend staying home, isolating, and contacting their Doctor.   The name of the employee who tested positive will not be shared.  While in isolation, each employee is requested to continue the daily check-ins and will be advised when it is safe to return to the office.