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ReturnSafe Evaluation Guide

Thank you for signing up for a ReturnSafe trial! This step-by-step guide walks you through your evaluation, from both an end-user and administrative perspective.

If you would like to speak with one of our product experts at any time during the evaluation, you can schedule an appointment here

We hope that you will gain insight into the benefits that ReturnSafe can provide to your organization: 

  • A proven solution for safely bringing employee back to the workplace
  • A way to stop forward transmission of COVID-19 in the workplace by enabling health screening, contact tracing, and employee exposure notification in minutes, not hours or days.
  • A single integrated dashboard for one place to manage screening, test notifications, and contact tracing - no more unwieldy spreadsheet or lost time. 

Getting started

Please note that when you enter the ReturnSafe Command Center for the first time the left navigation tabs for “Dashboard” where you can view employee health screening status and “Contact Tracing”  where you can view specific employee contact interactions will be empty.  To populate data for your evaluation, you will need to download the employee app and complete a few screening paths as well as manually log a few contacts.  Populating this data will also be a critical role of your end-user trial participants. 

  • Review your ReturnSafe Admin workspace. Using the instructions provided by the “Welcome to ReturnSafe” email, log into your ReturnSafe Command Center and familiarize yourself with the tabs for Dashboard, Screening, Contact Tracing, Reports and Organization.  You will also see our new Case Manager (for isolation and quarantine management) and Hardware (Bluetooth tag management) features that are not available in the Business Basic offering but would be available if you upgrade to Business Pro. Since the Free Trial does not include Bluetooth contact tracing with a smartphone or hardware tag, the only contact tracing data you will see in the Command Center is data entered by you or your users via the manual Logbook feature in the app.

    Here is a short video to provide you an overview of the command center features.
  • Install the ReturnSafe app on your smartphone to experience the employee screening process for yourself. Instructions on how to download the ReturnSafe employee app can be found in the ReturnSafe Guide on the Command Center navigation.  Download the app, familiarize yourself with the end-user login, onboarding, screening process, the home screen, and logbook and complete your first check-in. 

    Here is a short video to show you a day in the life of an employee using the app.  
  • Review ReturnSafe trial user welcome content. A welcome email has been shared with you for inviting your trial users to ReturnSafe.   
  • Identify your trial participants.
      • What users will you invite to install ReturnSafe to experience Daily Screening and Logbook entry?
      • What administrators will you invite to the Command Center to experience the Dashboards, Reporting, and Case Management.
  • Send welcome content to users. Send your welcome email out to trial participants, inviting them to install ReturnSafe.  
  • Add admins to the Command Center. Login to the Command Center using the information provided by ReturnSafe, and add any additional admins as Command Center users.

During your trial

  • Employee Trial Participant Activities:
    • Daily screenings. As per the trial welcome email, your trial users should be asked to complete their daily health screening prior to coming to the office (or as if they are coming to the office).  To build up data in your ReturnSafe space, ask users to run through mock scenarios (i.e. report symptoms or a positive test) to experience both ‘Come to Work’ and “Stay at Home’ recommendations.  They can complete several check-ins per day to increase your data set.  Your environment can be reset after your trial, so no need to worry about creating fake data.
    • Contact Logging: ask your users to enter a few contacts in the Logbook every day to provide contact tracing data in the Command Center.  
  • Review usage in the Command Center. Admins with access to the Command Center should be reviewing it regularly (daily if possible) to ensure users who are expected to have screened in have done so, and to review screening results, such as reports of a positive test, and to review the contact tracing tab to see how to manage positive cases and utilize the contact tracing dashboard. If anyone has questions on the Command Center, please refer to the Command Center.
  • Screening Dashboard: 

      • Review which employees completed the daily screener
      • Review the “Come to Work” and “Work from Home” recommendations
      • Gain insights into employee health status
      • Track who has been tested and their testing status, including notification of a positive case
      • Screening Customizations: note, actual screener customization is not part of the free trial, it is available upon upgrade to the fee-based service.  
        • Review screening questions
        • Review policy-based recommendations 
        • Review how to create screeners and screening question logic 
  • Contact Tracing Dashboard 

      • Review testing status as reported by employees
      • Drill down into employees with positive test notification to see a list of exposed employees (this would need to be populated from the employee app by either you or one of your end-user participants). 

Wrapping up your trial

  • Gather user feedback. Your trial is complete!  How did we do?  Ask your users for input on the following:
      • Ease of use of the ReturnSafe app
      • Preference between ReturnSafe and alternatives (i.e. paper screenings)
      • Ease of use of the Command Center (to administrators)
      • Preference between Command Center and alternatives (i.e. tracking in spreadsheets)
  • Consider premium features to enable. You have evaluated ReturnSafe Business Basic.  ReturnSafe customers have access to additional features such as:
      • SSO integration for enterprise authentication and ease of maintenance
      • Daily screening reminders 
      • Screening customizations by location to meet local requirements
      • Notifications to admins of screening results for rapid response to a positive test
      • Automated contact tracing (via phones or wearables) to respond to a positive case in seconds vs. hours or days
      • Pre-populated Logbook contacts (employee directory integration) for ease of use
      • Case Manager for quarantine and isolation case management
  • Buying ReturnSafe. So your trial is finished and you’re ready to move forward!  You can find all the ReturnSafe plans and buy ReturnSafe Basic here.   
  • Meet with an industry expert. If you would like to continue or evaluation or evaluate the additional premium features, please contact us here to schedule a meeting.