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Introductory Communications for your Community

It is important that your employees know that you are using ReturnSafe to keep their workplaces safe from COVID-19 outbreaks to protect employees and to maintain business continuity.   It is important that they understand the positive impact tools like ReturnSafe can have on keeping themselves, their coworkers, and their families safe.  

Below is a sample email you can use to communicate with your employees regarding why using ReturnSafe is important for everyone.  Please feel free to edit the text to make it appropriate for your organization. 


Dear {institution name} community,

We are pleased to announce that we have chosen ReturnSafe as our partner to keep you and the {Institution name} community safe as we get through the Covid-19 pandemic together. The ReturnSafe app is a user-friendly and efficient alternative to paper screening surveys, and provides contact tracing, enabling us to notify you if you come into contact with a suspected Covid-19 case. This will allow us to prevent and quickly contain outbreaks to keep our community safe and maintain continuity.

Please follow these simple steps to use the ReturnSafe app:

  1. Android users:
  1. iPhone users:
    • Visit <link to be added>in your iPhone browser, and click Install.
    • Proceed to step 2 below.
  1. Open the app and enter the following Code: to be supplied at launch
  2. Sign in with your Name, Phone Number and {Institution name} Email address
  3. Each day you are scheduled to come to campus, complete the short screening survey before you leave your home. You will receive guidance on whether to come to campus. Please present your screening result at the designated check-in area when you arrive on campus.

To log contacts for contact tracing:

    • When you have an in-person meeting on campus, please use the ReturnSafe LogBook within the mobile app to log the contact - you will be asked to enter the name and email of the person(s) you met with.
    • In addition, ReturnSafe will log contacts automatically via Bluetooth. Please open your app whenever possible when you are in close contact with others to maximize the effectiveness of Bluetooth contact logging.

If you have any questions about the screening survey, the resulting recommendations, or our privacy policies please review the attached ReturnSafe overview or contact {UNIVERSITY CONTACT}. If you have any technical issues while accessing or using ReturnSafe, please email support@returnsafe.com for assistance.

Please log in to ReturnSafe and complete the registration and screening process prior to each day on campus, and together we can maintain a safe and healthy working environment at {Institution name}.

Warm Regards,