How do I suspend a user?

This article will show you how to suspend a user within ReturnSafe. This will remove that user from the dashboard and any reporting, while keeping their historical record intact.

Please note: Suspending a user will revoke all access from being able to log into your ReturnSafe instance. 

To Suspend a user, first go to the People tab in the ReturnSafe Command Center

Make sure you are on the Active tab within the People tab.

Find the user on the active tab that you would like to suspend, beside it you will find three dots. Click on those dots and select "Suspend"

The system will ask you to confirm, after doing so you will find that user over on the Suspended tab.

To Un-suspend a user, simply reverse the process. On the suspended tab, find the user you are looking for, click the three dots beside their record and then click restore.